Jimmy Johnson's Championship Fishing Week

March 2-9, 2019

QUEST FOR THE RING™, The World’s RICHEST Guaranteed Purse in Fishing Tournament history

Register to come after the coveted ring and World’s RICHEST Guaranteed fishing tournament purse and largest purse in Florida Fishing Tournament history at the 2019 Jimmy Johnson’s Championship Fishing Tournament Week. The Celebrity Pro Am Tournament on Thursday is by invitation and the charitable tournament arm of the week, but the JJBillfish is up for grabs.

Come & Be Part Of  QUEST FOR THE RING™  Ultimate Fishing Tournament Week To Hit Florida. All Taking Place In Key Largo, FL.

Jimmy Johnson’s National Billfish Championship

Friday, March 8 & Saturday, March 9, 2019

Jimmy’s 2-Day Billfish Competition is heating up and will feature the top anglers in the country as they hit the waters for the largest guaranteed purse in sportfish history and the largest purse in Florida tournament history. Teams will be fishing for a guaranteed $1.75 Million Dollars in this highly competitive tournament. In its 7 year history, this tournament has awarded almost $4,000,000 and 7 Championship Rings as the anglers join in the keys for this grueling competition. There are Catch & Release categories, weighted categories, and overall awards. A little bit for everyone. Boat entry starts at $5,000.

Jimmy Johnson’s Celebrity Pro-Am Championship

Wednesday, March 6 & Thursday, March 7, 2019

Jimmy’s Celebrity Colleagues will fish with our pro anglers for a fun day of competition on the waters and compete to be a champion in Jimmy’s RING OF HONOR in his 2nd passion in the world – FISHING.

Rings will be awarded to Top Angler and Top Boat as they fish for billfish and funfish. Points will be award in different categories. 

Click on more information on how to be invited to host some of Jimmy’s Celebrity friends to help support charitable partners of the JJFishWeek.

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